Review – Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

I have had this SpacerSaver high chair from Fisher-Price for approx 9 months and have appreciated the extra space, unique design, and affordable price.  We previously had a regular high chair from Fisher-Price that took up entirely too much room in our small dining room.  I choose this model “SpaceSaver” because it has an attractive pattern on easy to clean fabric.  I spent a week looking around different sites in order to read reviews and was very impressed with this model.  It is easy to maneuver the tray with one hand while holding on to your little one, cleans up great, takes up only the room of a chair (that was rarely used by our other two little girls), and is gender neutral.  We plan on keeping this high chair for many years to come!! The only thing I would change is to extend the fabric up over the arms of the chair so that food does not go under the cover!

Thank you Fisher-Price for another wonderful product!!



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