I recently signed up to be a host at MyGetTogether!  I am so excited to have an excuse to get family together to try out products.  So, I was happily surprised when I got home and there was a box from MyGetTogether!!!!

I opened up my wonderful package and as a MyGetTogether host, I have the following items to share with my family and friends:

 3 packages of Chex Mix Snacks so you can have game-worthy snacks ready to wow your friends during the get-together (Honey Nut, Traditional and Turtle flavors)

 45 product information sheets with Chex Mix Snacks coupons — to share 3 each with your guests

 A special snack bowl to serve Chex Mix Snacks

 Football themed snack napkins and plates

 Allergen fact sheet — please display this where guests can easily see it

I am so excited to share my goodies with everyone!  Stay tuned as I am having my big party on October 3rd!!  I’ll let you know how things go!!



About meyerfamilyof5

We are a family of 5 and loving it! I am looking forward to blogging and am excited to see what opportunities it brings!
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