Learn and Froove Musical Table

As you may know, I have three young children.  We recieved the LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table as a gift for my oldest daughters 1st birthday.  This is one of the most used toys in our house!!  All three of my kids have been facinated my the music, lights, and all of the different things that the table can do. 

Learn and Groove Musical Table

Some of the things it can do:

Learning Skills
– Numbers
– Counting
– The alphabet
– Shapes
– Colors

First Words
Infants string sounds together to imitate language. Later they use these sound strings to represent things in the world (baba for bottle). As toddlers they progressively build vocabulary and begin to learn the principles of word order (red ball, not ball red).
The Alphabet
Knowing the letters of the alphabet is one of the first steps toward learning to read and write. Introducing letters to young children helps them learn to recognize the different shapes and names – an early indicator for reading achievement.
Spanish Vocabulary
Exposure to foreign languages at a young age can help children understand their own language better. Studies show that children who are bilingual or who study foreign languages enjoy increased academic achievement and perform better on standardized tests.
Cause and Effect
Children progress from a simple observation of action and reaction (spin the wheel to hear music) to a deeper understanding of cause and effect (germs make you sick). Cause and effect is important because it signals that a child can perceive hidden or abstract forces on objects.
Learning color names and matching them consistently to the right color develops by around the age of 2 to 3 years. When children eventually come to understand the concepts of color they can then use that information to categorize shapes, patterns and other visual information.
Exploration and Curiosity
Toddlers use their curiosity and logical reasoning skills to solve everyday problems. By investigating all sorts of possibilities, they develop unexpected solutions and creative problem-solving strategies.
From birth, children love music and even prefer it to speech. Apart from the obvious joy of music there are a number of surprising benefits to listening to music: it helps develop language, problem solving skills, memory, and physical coordination.
Fine Motor Skills
The development and coordination of small, refined muscle movements allow infants and toddlers to use their thumb and forefinger to grasp small objects, paint and eventually learn to write.
Gross Motor Skills
Gross motor development includes the ability to control large muscles, like those used for sitting up and crawling, and later, for walking, running and jumping.
Sensory Exploration
Infants and toddlers experience the world using all of their senses. However, vision is by far the main sense that they use. As they explore their enviroment babies examine objects, recognize people and learn about depth and movement. Taste and touch are also important senses for babies.
At around the age of 2 children begin to develop self-esteem. Children who feel loved and have their opinions valued have a sense of self worth. It also gives then the confidence to learn, build strong relationships and respect other people.
Children learn to recognize the defining properties of shapes (such as a square having four sides of equal length and angles, and a triangle as being a closed figure with three sides), and can identify them in different rotations.
Early Number Sense
Children learn to count and compare sets of objects, recite the number string, and identify numerals as standing for specific quantities.

My little boy will be one next week, he especially enjoys opening and closing the pages to the book as well as the green door.

In my opinion, I do not feel there is anything that I would change or add to this toy as it is sturdy, practical, useful, all while being a great learning tool!

Thanks LeapFrog!!



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