It’s a hit!!!

We have been super busy at home and I have been super busy at work, but I didn’t want to forget to include you in the results from my Chex party!!!

All I can say is….It’s a hit!!  I hosted this party for my family and had 12 people attend!!  I made sure to let them know that this whole party was made possible by Chex and MyGetTogether!!!  And let me tell you, they loved it!!  Of course, most of my family is not new to my freebie/tester self, so that part was easy to explain, they are excited to be able to partake in my freebie/tester activities!!!

Out of the three flavors sent, the over all vote for best was the Traditional!!


This is my crazy brother!

We had a great time hanging out together, watching different games on TV, and enjoying our snacks!!

I passed out the coupons and encouraged them to pass the coupons on to others!!

Thanks Chex and MyGetTogether for this opportunity!!


This is my brother in law being a goof!


About meyerfamilyof5

We are a family of 5 and loving it! I am looking forward to blogging and am excited to see what opportunities it brings!
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