Review – Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

I have had this SpacerSaver high chair from Fisher-Price for approx 9 months and have appreciated the extra space, unique design, and affordable price.  We previously had a regular high chair from Fisher-Price that took up entirely too much room in our small dining room.  I choose this model “SpaceSaver” because it has an attractive pattern on easy to clean fabric.  I spent a week looking around different sites in order to read reviews and was very impressed with this model.  It is easy to maneuver the tray with one hand while holding on to your little one, cleans up great, takes up only the room of a chair (that was rarely used by our other two little girls), and is gender neutral.  We plan on keeping this high chair for many years to come!! The only thing I would change is to extend the fabric up over the arms of the chair so that food does not go under the cover!

Thank you Fisher-Price for another wonderful product!!


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FREE Fisher-Price TRIO Race Car

Thanks to Freebies4Mom and the heads up on the Fisher-Price TRIO Race Car from Mattel!!  I am so excited to get this in the mail!!  It would be perfect if it came in time for my little guys 1st birthday in October!!


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Home Sweet Home

It has been awhile since I have posted.  I am currently working on coming up with some type of weekly pattern, so that in the future I can have some consistency in posts!

We are back from the wedding, what a beautiful day!!  We are so excited to welcome Audra into our family!

I have added a new button for green living to my sidebar, check it out!

Hope to post more later…until then!


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Clinique Gift with Purchase

To start off, you will need a little background on me.  I have had combination skin for as long as I can remember, I have used many name brand “solutions” however NOTHING has worked.

Someone suggested that I go to a Clinique counter at the mall and see if they could help.  Well aprox 1 month ago, I went to the West Des Moines, IA Yonkers and went through the whole rigamaroll.  Turns out they have an Acne Solutions system (plus the Moisture Surge – as I have extreamly dry skin), that I spent aproximately $100 on total.  I have been using this now for 1 month and can honestly say that my skin has NEVER been more clear (except when I was preggo)!!!  I can not explain how excited I am!!! 

The freebie comes in as I went back into the Yonkers store in order to look into getting the Moisture Surge as we are a couple hours away from our nearset Clinique dealer.  While there, the gal at the counter was super helpful and I ended up getting the following:

  • All About Eyes
  • Brighter Smile Lip Colour Palette
  • Clarifying Lotion 2
  • Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser
  • Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Currant
  • Lash Doubling Mascara in Black
  • Cosmetic Bag
  • What a great package!!!

    I am hoping that this continues to clear up my face, I think I’m hooked!!


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    Busy Weekend!

    So, we have a busy weekend ahead as one of my little brothers is getting married in another town.  All three of the kiddo’s are part of the wedding party so lets hope they do well!!  I am excited to see them all dressed up and looking cute!!

    As we get ready for the busy weekend, I have begun packing and have all of the clothes ready, which you think would be the hardest part….but all the paraphnalia that goes along with 3 kiddo’s is the hardest part.  Some of my must take items are the pack’n’play, plenty of books, and a movie!! 

    We took our change jar in to get cash today, it’s amazing that $138 can fit into a jar that size!  Woohoo!

    Well, wish me luck a our long weekend begins!


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    First Freebie Post

    I intend to only post freebie’s that I would/will personally sign up for and use!!!

    My first ever Freebie post is for Post-it Notes Super Sticky Notes!!!!  Sign up!!  Who wouldn’t want Sticky Notes!!??

    Thanks Penny Pinchin’ Mom!!!

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    The beginning of something good!

    Hello there!!  I am about to begin an adventure in the blogging world and am so excited!  I hope to include information on freebies, things that are quality but yet low price, and a little bit of family fun.

    Please hold on, while I get familiar with WordPress and find a design that is visually attractive!!

    A little background on myself…
    I have been reading mommy blogs for about 5 years now and have would love to someday have a successful blog like MomAdvice, Freebies4Mom, and DealSeekingMom!!  I am the proud momma of 3 young children ages 4, 3, and 10 months – I hope you will get to know them a little as time goes on – and am married to my wonderful husband who provides strength and stability to our family. 

    I love to spend time with my family, read, take walks and hope to do a little photography in the future.

    WELCOME to my little corner of the world!!

    My first little piece of advice is…..Download the Google ToolBar as there is a great tool in there that will help AutoFill your forms for when you fill out forms for FrEeBiEs!!  What an excellent thing!!

    I hope to get to know some of you in the blogging world a little better!!!  Wish me luck!!  🙂


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